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Who created Simply San Juan? Let me tell you about us..., well..., just me, actually. My name is Maggie Lesoing, and I was born and raised here in the Northwest. My first trip to the Island was in 1967 and I have been in love with it ever since -- the landscape, the sights and smells, and yes, even the weather. Our family first came to the Island when my father was a student at the Friday Harbor UW Laboratories. We lived in Comay Wilson's basement that summer, exploring the Island by day and reading aloud in front of the rock fireplace every evening. We rode bicycles everywhere, waded and swam at Eagle Cove, examined the tidepools among the rocks at Cattle Point, walked the low tides at False Bay, and picnicked on every beach. I clearly recall the flavor and texture of sand in egg salad sandwiches -- crunch! There was a fabulous bakery at the top of Spring Street right behind the "Umbrella Tree" where we sat to eat fresh maple bars. The movie theatre had rows of wooden benches and showed one movie a night, the ferry docked at the bottom of Spring Street, and you dialed only 4 digits to reach another Island resident by telephone. Much has changed now, of course, but so much of the Island is exactly the same and will remain so. The land and beaches, the weather, sights, and smells.

Summer 1967, Cattle Point Beach
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Friday Harbor in 1973
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