Amtrak Train Travel

Amtrak train, San Juan Islands Washington.Amtrak train travel is making a comeback. It's safe, more affordable than flying, offers great scenery you can enjoy from the comfort of a reclining chair, and is truly an adventure in itself.

Amtrak train, San Juan Islands Washington. Not to mention the fact that traveling by train is SO cool! I still clearly remember taking the train for the first time when I was 5 or 6, and walking between the cars where those metal plates shift around as the train takes curves and bumps. Loved it! As an adult I got to take a train from Copenhagen into Sweden and the train tracks take you right onto a ferry. (Check out the train tracks under those ferry workers' feet!) Really exciting adventure, especially for those of us familiar with ferry travel. Trains on the ferry? Wow!

The Amtrak Cascades route travels along the northwest coast between Eugene, Oregon and Vancouver, British Columbia, stopping at several cities in between. There are three daily departures from Seattle to Skagit Transit in Mount Vernon. From Skagit Transit (which houses Skagit Transit's Customer Service counter, Greyhound's Customer Service counter, and an Amtrak ticket machine, as well as the Mount Vernon Chamber of Commerce and Visitor's Center) you take a Skagit Transit bus to the Anacortes ferry terminal.

The Amtrak Cascade trains are European-style with reclining seats, laptop outlets, and bike racks. They offer food service on the Lounge, dinette, and Cafe and Snack Cars; Checked Baggage Service; and provide a Non-Smoking Policy. One way fares from Seattle to Mount Vernon start at $14.00. Look at Amtrak schedule and fare information. Amtrak travel is the way to go!

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