Anacortes Washington

Anacortes Washington, on Fidalgo Island, is a wonderful small town though often overlooked. It's quite literally the gateway to the San Juan Islands -- the ferry to the Islands leaves from the Anacortes ferry dock!

There are many things to do there and you can find great restaurants to satisfy your hunger at either end of a trip to San Juan Island. Our family favorite is Adrift, where they serve affordable, fresh, northwest cuisine for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Adrift, Anacortes Washington.Ingredients like smoked salmon, organic meats, fresh local produce, and all cooked together beautifully! My kids love it, also, which is truly a plus. It's definitely worth a trip to Anacortes JUST for the meal you will have there.

Adrift, Anacortes Washington. Adrift, 510 Commercial Ave., Anacortes, WA 360-588-0653

Another great restaurant is Teriyaki Time, on 11th Street, just opposite Safeway. They make delicious teriyaki at very reasonable prices. It's incredibly fast, too, which is handy if you're picking up dinner on the way to the ferry.

Teriyaki Time, 910 11th St., Anacortes, 360-588-8025

There is a great place to stay overnight if you miss the Anacortes ferry and you need to spend the night. Or maybe you just want to relax and explore a new place. It's a good reason to consider the Marina Inn, a small motel/inn in Anacortes. After a trip to Seattle or further, my family will sometimes plan to stay over in Anacortes instead of catching a ferry back home -- we're tired, it's late, or we missed the last boat. In that case we pull up to the Marina Inn, get a room for the night, and kick back on a comfortable bed and some TV.

Another easy scenario is to get ready for your trip during the day, take an evening ferry back to the mainland, and spend the night at the hotel. It's clean, affordable, and easy to get to, everything you could need and nothing fancy. Keep it in mind for your next trip.

The Marina Inn, 3300 Commercial Ave., Anacortes Washington, 360-293-1100, 800-231-5198

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