Beach Glass and Rock Treasure Jar

Do you have a treasured collection of beach glass and rock? This project shows you how to make them into a Treasure Jar so you can enjoy them every day. It's really easy, very fast to make, and fun. It can be used as a book end, a paper weight, or just something beautiful to enjoy.

Some time ago I was looking at all the beautiful rocks and beach glass I had collected over the years, filling bowls or baskets around the house. I couldn't part with any of it but I didn't like feeling that my 'treasures' weren't being appreciated. So, I came up with a display idea so that my treasures would look as beautiful as they did on the beach. Behold, my Beach Treasure Jar! I took a large canning jar, arranged my beach rocks and glass inside, and filled the jar with water. It's sort of like a snow globe for the summer season. I sometimes use it to keep my books upright, but it's also lovely just to study, turning it over and looking at it from every angle. Make one yourself, it's easy!

You can easily collect your own rocks and sea glass any time you get to browse at the seashore. If you aren't sure how to do this, or where to find glass, look at this site for great tips on doing just that. : Collecting Sea Glass. Wondering just what is sea glass? Where do you find it? Complete information on this exciting beach activity, including crafts you can make with your sea glass, list of beaches world wide, colors, rarity, grading, and much more. Lots of photos!

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