Beach Scenery, False Bay

False Bay, San Juan Island, Washington.A bit distinctive, the beach scenery here is a sandy/mud flat, so named because at high tide it appears to be a large bay suitable for anchoring a boat. False Bay, San Juan Island, Washington.However, it is quite shallow, and boats have been known to be stranded on the sand by a receding tide. On super-low tides you can walk all the way out to the mouth of the bay, making it a great place for beach exploration. The intertidal zone here is enormous! With a low tide and warm weather it's a great place to spend the day -- pack a lunch, take off your shoes, and get going. If you time it right and start walking before the tide hits the low point, you can reach the mouth of the bay at slack tide with a leisurely window of time to scout around before heading back in. Don't let the incoming tide catch you by surprise! The bay is larger than a square kilometer (more than 250 acres!), making it a great place to see sand dollars and literally hundreds of acres of sand. False Bay, San Juan Island, Washington.

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