Beach Scenery,
Grandmother's Cove

Grandmother's Cove, San Juan Island, Washington.
A connoisseur's beach scenery -- this is where Islanders go for a quiet day at the beach. It's a pleasant 15-minute walk from the American Camp headquarters across a mixed field of grass and brush. There isn't much shade to be found on a sunny day, so bring along that sunscreen!

Footprints in the sand at Grandmother's Cove This is a fun place for beach combing. A fresh batch of flotsam washes up with every high tide and it's especially fun to investigate and see what you can find.

Combine your search with a mini beach cleanup by picking up any garbage you find. This is helpful at all beaches! You know those bags you bring to the grocery store to save using a store bag? It's a great practice to bring a bag to the beach to carry out the trash, your own and anything you find!

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