Beach Scenery,
Jackson Beach

This is perhaps the most accessible beach scenery on San Juan Island, as it's located just outside the town of Friday Harbor. Jackson Beach is a gravel-pebble beach near the outer edge of town, a short walk from the Fairgrounds, the Family Park, and the Skate Park.

Jackson Beach on San Juan Island
Entrance to Jackson Beach

Trailers can park for up to 72 hours. Beach is 'Open' from dawn to dusk. (After hours special event information at (360) 378-2688.)Being close to town, it's a popular spot for a lunchtime picnic. You can drive or take a walk to Jackson Beach and enjoy the view from your car or a comfortable seat on a drift log. It's a walkable distance from town if you appreciate a bit of exercise -- you don't need a car to get there. You can even play volleyball in the sand court.

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