Beach Scenery
San Juan Islands Washington

San Juan Island has beach scenery to rival any of the world's great beaches. Sandy, pebbly, or rocky; beach glass, driftwood, and tide pool life. San Juan beaches have everything you want in a beach, and each one is just a short drive from wherever you happen to be. Whether you want a sandy beach, a pebble beach, a rocky beach, secluded or wide open, the San Juan Islands Washington have beaches for any mood or activity. If you like to play Beach Bocce Ball, Eagle Cove is the place to go. For long walks at low tide, you go to False Bay. South Beach is perfect for picnics and bonfires and roasting hot dogs. If you want to just spend time doing whatever, Grandmother's Cove provides seclusion and plenty of sand for a day of exploration. They are all fantastic, and not to be missed. (Before you head out to the beach or intertidal zone, check the current tide guide.)

Note: if you come across an injured or lone animal, contact the knowledgable folks at Wolf Hollow. They know the best course of action.

Jackson Beach
Jackson Beach, San Juan Island, Washington.

Eagle Cove
Walking the beach at Eagle Cove, San Juan Island, Washington.

Grandmother's Cove
Grandmother's Cove, San Juan Island, Washington.

Deadman Bay
Deadman Bay, San Juan Island, Washington.

South Beach
South Beach, San Juan Island, Washington.

4th of July Beach
4th of July beach, San Juan Island, Washington

Cattle Point Beach
Cattle Point Beach, San Juan Island, Washington.

False Bay
False Bay, San Juan Island, Washington.

San Juan County Park
The beach at San Juan County Park, San Juan Island, Washington.

Rueben Tarte Park
Reuben Tarte Park Beach

San Juan Island is not the only place to get a beach break. Take a real or virtual walk in the sand and get that much needed beach therapy .

The World's 'Best' Beaches

Beach scenery -- when you've got warm sun, sand and water, how can there be a 'best,' right? It's personal and very subjective, but for a variety of reasons we are somehow able to pick favorites -- these are mine. I haven't been to all of them, but they are the stuff dreams are made of.

A Beach Holiday finds the best beaches and your perfect beach holiday. Find the world's best beaches and plan your perfect beach holiday with beach guides, weather and hotel information on a beach holiday.

If you'd like to display all that beach glass you've collected during your travels, make this simple project, a lovely way to show your discoveries. And, just for fun, more beach scenery with these beach coloring pages to print out.

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