Best Travel Clothes & Essentials

When planning a trip, being sure you have the best travel clothes and essentials is a big part of what it takes to create a fun, relaxing vacation. Didn't bring your sweatshirt? If you get some chilly weather that detail can ruin an otherwise great evening.

This miscellaneous collection of clothes and travel items can help make your trip a comfortable one by giving you what you need.

At the most basic level, consider where you're going, think about what type of weather to expect while you're there, and make an allowance for where you'll sleep.

Now, factor in the activities you're planning, if there's anything out of the ordinary that will be necessary or would really come in handy.

Then, pack your stuff, and Bon Voyage! Have a look at this travel gear for your next San Juan Island trip. They are plenty useful just for every day, as well.

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