How far is it from San Juan Island to Canada?

Vancouver Island, Canada, is directly across the water from San Juan Island and clearly visible across the water from the west side. During the spring and summer it's fun to take an overnight trip from San Juan Island to Sidney B.C. on the international ferry. The trip takes a couple of hours, and measures only about 26 miles. A regularly-scheduled bus takes you from Sidney into Victoria, where you can visit the Royal BC Museum among so many other exciting places. Right in the Victoria harbor is the The Pacific Undersea Gardens where you can view "the largest collection of local marine life to be found anywhere." Also, there is the most amazing swimming pool I've ever seen! It's at the Esquimalt Recreation Centre and features a 6-lane, 25-metre lap pool, a 'Lifestyle' pool with river run and spray features, and a 'Tots play pool' with a pirate ship in the middle with specialized spray features. They also have family change rooms -- how practical and European! There is much more than this to see, so, all in all, it's a uniquely appealing trip, well worth the time.

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