Cashmere Goat Farm

Here are my photos from a visit to a San Juan Island cashmere goat farm. We hung out at the farm for a couple of hours one spring morning and just watched the babies frolick. And really, "frolick" is the only word that fits these babies' behavior -- playful and full of energy! Click on any photo for a larger view.

Incidentally, these goats (white, black, grey, or brown) are sometimes mistaken for the white angora goat, which is the source of mohair. Cashmere, far more silky and smooth than mohair, is known as the fiber of kings.

These animals are raised for their hair and the lovely, soft down that makes cashmere wool. The down is gathered by separating the coarse hair from the soft "down" underneath. It's a slow and tedious process, which is why cashmere can be so expensive.

Goat farm, San Juan Island

Cashmere goat farm

Baby goat with mama

Mama Cashmere goat

Baby goats playing

Another baby and mama

A baby

Goat hooves

Meal time at the San Juan Island farm.

Feeding stampede at the San Juan Island farm.

Did you know you can get Island goat cheese from Quail Croft, a local farm? Visit Layne Sundberg of Quail Croft at the San Juan Island Farmer's Market, every Saturday at the courthouse parking lot.

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