Common Raven, Corvus corax

Facts and Information

Common Raven, San Juan Island The Common Raven is completely black, including eyes, beak, and feet. It is known as one of the smartest bird species, and also the largest of the "songbirds," commonly seen around San Juan Island. Many people cannot tell ravens apart from crows, but the differences are distinct: they are larger than crows, have wedge-shaped tails when in flight, and tend to glide while flying, whereas crows flap almost constantly.

These birds grow to a length of about 21 - 27", with a wingspan of 4 feet. Their diet consists mostly of meat, though as omnivores and scavengers, they will eat dead animals, rodents, the eggs or young of other birds, or compete with gulls for garbage.

Raven, Native American Folklore, West Coast of North America The Raven has long been part of the Native Northwest Indian folklore, in which the raven is a trickster and a cheater.

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