Cypress Island

Cypress Island, one of many islands in the San Juan archipelago of Washington state, has a land area of about 5,500 acres, and a population of less than 50 people. For the most part, the Island has been left in its natural state, 90% covered by forest and featuring a park, a couple of lakes including 7-acre Cypress Lake, and a system of inter-connected, volunteer-maintained trails.

Nearly 5000 acres across the Island are protected as a conservation area by the Washington State Department of Natural Resources, with more than 1000 fragile acres set aside as a Natural Area Preserve. Some areas of the Island allow for low-impact public use.

No public ferry connects to Cypress and the only way to visit is by private boat. It is a popular stop for kayakers and boaters, who make use of the Island's rustic camp sites.

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