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Produce and Island-Raised Meats from the Farms and Farmer's Markets of the San Juan Islands

San Juan Island apple tree

This is a directory of San Juan Islands farms, the farm fresh grocery store and farmer's markets, where produce, Island-raised meats and many other farm-produced items are offered. A variety of Island farms, truck farms, pumpkin farms, and livestock producers are supported by residents and visitors alike. When you buy direct from the farm store, a farm fresh grocery store, you benefit from the fresh selection and high quality produce. Annual harvests produce an abundance of Island lamb, beef, and poultry, and all the vegetables, with some lovely surprises thrown in, too. Pumpkins (Fir Oak Farm), lavender (Pelindaba Farms), honey (Little Road Honey Bee Farm), and goat cheese (Quail Croft). The Island's fields and pastures yield all the delicious fare that make Northwest cuisine famous, and nowhere is it as fresh as right here on San Juan, from a farm fresh grocery store, and served in our own kitchens and local restaurants.

My personal favorites are the fresh eggs from States Inn Ranch, the delicious honey from Little Road Honey Bee Farm, and that huge pumpkin field at Fir Oak Farm. Working farms are not shadows from the past, they are alive and thriving, and will continue as long as we support them by showing our preference for farm-fresh foods. The successes of the San Juan Islands farms represent that preference.

Special Note: There are working farms all over the country. Click here for the "Farm Finder" tool from WSU, where you can search for individual San Juan Island farms, recipes, and a directory of Farmer's Markets here in the northwest.

Farmer's Market entrance

San Juan Island Farmer's Market

Many San Juan Island farms participate in a weekly Farmer's Market, the farm fresh grocery store, through the summer months, as well as periodically through fall, winter, and spring. All products, including delicious Island-baked treats, are offered at the Farmer's Market and many of these are also available year-round at individual farm stores.

Local Food and Local Farms
Be sure to visit the San Juan Island Conservation District website, "a local organization committed to protecting and enhancing the natural resources of San Juan County ecosystems for the future of us all." Information about San Juan Island farm plans, included.

Find other farm fresh grocery stores and farms anywhere in the country: Real Food. Real Farmers. Real Community.

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