A Friday Harbor
Bed and Breakfast

These are the Friday Harbor Bed and Breakfast lodging options, as well as small hotels available on San Juan Island. In general, a Bed & Breakfast is a house or small inn that offers breakfast as part of the overnight accommodation. These lodging options are often private homes with anywhere from one to six rooms, sometimes providing private bathrooms. Rooms with shared bathrooms are usually given a lower rate.

Try the one with the view over the water (Olympic Lights), sleep on a boat (Slow Season), browse a Japanese garden (Dragonfly Inn).

There is quite a diversity in choice among these inns, so if you have settled on the idea of a Bed & Breakfast for your stay, be sure to look at all the choices so you get the one that perfectly suits you!

Choose from ones in town (Kirk House, Tucker House, Argyle House, Harrison House, Hillside House), those just outside town (Trumpeter Inn), or get out into the wood (Inn to the Woods, Wildwood Manor, States Inn). Take your pick!

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