Fun Activities for Teenagers

Around the San Juan Islands

Are there any fun activities for teenagers in the San Juan Islands Washington? Here are some things to try, see what you think.

If you like skateboarding, you could spend some time at one of the Skate Parks at the Friday Harbor fairgrounds. It's right next to the Family Park.

Do some window shopping or store browsing in town and around the Island. There are some great shops here, including a toy store, a couple of bookstores, and some souvenir shops.

Take a walk at one of the beaches looking for interesting rocks or shells. If you go at low tide you'll be able to check out some tide pools.

Go for a hike. Maybe see how quickly you can make it to the top of Mount Young. What a view from up there!

Ever been Geocaching? It's totally fun, and all you really need is a GPS device. Check it out


Go for a swim at any of the beaches, at Lakedale Resort, or a swimming pool. There's an indoor pool on San Juan (San Juan Fitness Center), an indoor pool on Orcas (Orcas Spa and Athletics), and a great outdoor pool at Roche Harbor (open only during the summer).

Go to one of the local restaurants offering wifi, where you can surf the web, email, or whatever.

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