Kasimir Gemstone Amulets

Thaddeus Krol, of Kasimir Gemstone Amulets, works with a variety of minerals creating stunning elixir 'bottles,' amulets, bracelets, and faceted gemstones. The elixir 'bottles,' though not actually hollow vessels, are all highly polished, and most of them are also translucent, made from stone as clear and as stunning as flowing liquid, including moldavite, amethyst, aquamarine, and amber. The amulets are made from a variety of opaque stones such as jade, azurite, and amazonite. Pictured here is one his azurite amulets. Kasimir Gemstone amulet by Thaddeus Krol See more of Thaddeus' work in his Amulets brochure.

If you appreciate exquisite jewelry and gemstones, give Thaddeus a call!

P.O. Box 309, Friday Harbor.
(360) 378-6938

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