Lime Kiln Park

One of the most popular Washington State Park San Juan Island Parks, Lime Kiln Park is also known as the Whale Park because Orca whales (Orcinus Orca) are often seen swimming along the coastline during the summer months. There are also bald eagles, seals, porpoises, and the occasional minke or grey whale, as well. So if you want to see Orcas, the Whale Park is one of the best places to be on the Island, if not the entire Northwest.

During the summer you can tour Lime Kiln Lighthouse which was established in 1914. It is one of only two lighthouses on the Island, the other is at Cattle Point on the south end. Lime Kiln Point State Park has a large parking area, vault toilets, and a lovely, wandering path down and through the Park. You can hike the trail along the rocky coastline and see the beautiful Madronas and Evergreen trees that grow all over the Island. There are several picnic tables scattered along the trail, so bring a picnic and enjoy this Washington State Park.

Conversation on a warm summer evening at
Lime Kiln Point State Park.

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