Little Brown Bat

The Little Brown Bat, as well as the Big Brown Bat, is commonly found in the San Juan Islands Washington. When flying, their wingspan can reach 11 inches, but at rest they really look quite small, smaller than a chicken's egg.

This bat eats insects like mosquitos, gnats, and other water-loving insects. For this reason, they prefer living and foraging around the water. They'll swoop along the surface of the water, taking in prey as it flies.

Think they're creepy? I admit that I sometimes cringe when a bat flies too close to my head, but there's something exciting about watching them dive and flutter through the sky. Plus, any mosquito eater is a true friend of mine.

They fly and maneuver using echolocation, a method of sending out quick little "calls" of sound waves to discern the location of objects in front, like prey. The calls are very quick, perhaps 20 per second.

They are prey to plenty of predators on the Islands -- hawks, owls, raccoons, and snakes, as well as various other rodents and birds.

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