Lopez Island Washington


At just over 29 square miles, Lopez Island Washington is the third largest of the four main San Juan Islands. Like all the other Islands, Lopez has it's own unique character, things you find only there. For example, everyone on Lopez waves. If you are driving or walking along, all approaching vehicles wave, using every wave style from the traditional parade wave to just an index finger. You can count on it!

Lopez Island is fairly level, making it popular to bicyclists. However, like the other, hillier islands, the roads are quite narrow which make biking along them a challenge. It's good to remember that whether you are on a bicycle or in a car, sharing the road is both courteous and common sense. Bikers can pull over to let cars pass without holding up too much traffic, and drivers can exercise patience when cyclists are on the road. It's a beautiful place to be, a wonderful place to live, and patience makes it all more worthwhile.

Having been to Lopez as many times as I have has allowed me to pick specific favorite places that must be mentioned -- here they are:

Spencer Spit State Park, Lopez Island, Washington State

Spencer Spit State Park

Spencer Spit State Park is a place you simply have to visit. There's something so irresistible about that long stretch of sand, the contrast in the rocky hills at the end of the spit, and the orange light of the beach sunset that I can never forget. Magic.

Holly B's Bakery, Lopez Island, Washington State.

Holly B's Bakery

Another of my favorite Lopez Island places is Holly B's Bakery, a Lopez Island Washington institution! Luscious brioche, croissants, cinnamon rolls, scones, danishes, muffins, cookies, bars, and all sorts of breads. Picture this: you wake up, there's a little chill in the air, you walk in to Holly B's and have a steaming morning cup of something delicious and a fresh croissant to go with it. Mmmmm.... Get your own copy of the Holly B Cookbook, "With Love and Butter," right here!

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