American Camp
National Historic Park

American Camp National Historic Park is the former encampment of the American troops during the San Juan boundary dispute of the 1800's. There are 1200 acres of open fields and grassland, forest and beaches, with hiking trails throughout. This is the number one spot on San Juan Island for kite flying and if you want to see rabbits it's probably one of the best places to look.

The Park is located on the south end of the Island in a beautiful wide open area with level walking trails and placard descriptions along the paths describing events that took place during the American/British occupation. Old photos show life as it was during the occupation, and several of the original structures are still standing.

One cool thing: there is a huge bald eagle's nest across from the ranger station that has launched at least one generation of eagles. During one recent summer, two parents were seen taking turns bringing food to the babies in the nest. Totally exciting! If you haven't seen a bald eagle in flight, you have something amazing to look forward to!

Ranger station, picnic tables, fire pits, and restrooms.

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