Orcas Island Map

Use this interactive Orcas Island map to familiarize yourself with the Island. Orcas is slightly larger than San Juan Island with a total of 57.3 square miles. Orcas is shaped like a huge horseshoe with a long narrow harbor between the two sides. The Island is quite hilly, mountainous even, with the highest point among all the Islands, Mount Constitution, located there in Moran State Park. Like the other San Juan Islands, Orcas receives an average of only 25 inches of rain each year, which is half the rainfall of nearby Seattle, only two hours to the south. (Check out the weather station at the bottom of this page to see what the San Juan weather is like right now.)

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This map is interactive: use the arrow keys on the left to move around the map, and double click or use the + and - buttons to zoom in or out. anywhere on the map to get a closer look.

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