The Picnic Basket:
Ideas for a San Juan Island Picnic

Got a picnic basket? You can use one but you really don't need to. A picnic is anyplace a bit out of the ordinary where you bring a meal for an afternoon or evening -- a park, the tailgate of your pickup, the back yard, or even the living room floor. Anywhere is good, but some places just seem perfect, right? Here are some ideas for that idyllic afternoon meal or evening barbecue.

Lime Kiln Point State Park, which has a few tables overlooking the water, is a great place to bring a lunch and then walk the paths or climb across the rocks near the lighthouse.
Lime Kiln Point State Park information

San Juan County Park is a lovely place to spend time, have a meal, take a walk, or just bask in the sun looking out across the water. You can make a traditional picnic, assemble your 'spread' on a blanket, or make use of one of the tables housed in the small shelter at the edge of the Park's grassy field. And on a hot day the shade provided by the shelter will be well appreciated.
San Juan County Park information

Mount Young, also called Young Hill, is a great place for a picnic, but you might want to use a backpack to carry your food -- leave the picnic basket at home. Follow the trail that climbs up to the summit from the parking area at English Camp Historical Park. The trail up to the summit winds through wooded areas and fields where you can see a variety of wildflowers and native plants. Once you reach the top you are greeted by a fabulous, panorama of Garrison Bay, Haro Strait, Vancouver Island, and the Olympic Peninsula. You won't find a table so plan to take a seat on a flat rock and just enjoy the view.

Consider, also, South Beach (more info on all beaches), Grandmother's Cove, and the Family Park.

Think outside that proverbial box everyone is always talking about and you will find lots of fun and unusual places for meals, both indoors or outside. My family loves the scrumptious teriyaki from Teriyaki Time in Anacortes. After a day on the mainland we almost always call in an order just before arriving in Anacortes so we can have a great meal while we're waiting for the ferry. It's delicious, portable, and fun!

If you have a suggestion you don't see here, let me know and I'll add your suggestion!

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