Raccoon Facts

for the San Juan Islands Washington

Raccoon on San Juan Island Washington Raccoon facts -- these animals are often thought to be nothing more than a cute, cuddly forest creature. Like most other misconceptions, raccoons are kind of a mixed bag. Yes, they are cute (though probably not cuddly!) but they got their nickname, “masked bandit,” honestly. They are extremely dextrous and can cleverly get into a huge variety of objects. They get into stuff and scatter it everywhere and can make a big mess.

Raccoon at night, San Juan Islands Washington. Why? Because they're looking for something to eat. Like all animals they have to eat and they'd no doubt like to get food in the easiest possible way. We all would, right?

I once made the mistake of leaving my pet parrot in her cage outside overnight. Thinking she would enjoy the fresh summer air, I had taken the cage out during the day but neglected to bring her back inside before nightfall. The next morning the cage was empty, and I literally found only her beak. Sad sad, true story.

Raccoon, San Juan Islands Washington.
If you see a raccoon, don't try to approach them, and definitely don't feed them. It's tempting to want a close encounter with what seems like such a cute creature. Remember that raccoons are wild animals -- it's best to look but not touch.

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