Sculpture Park
San Juan Islands Washington

Westcott Bay Sculpture Park, San Juan Island
Partnering with IMA, The Island Museum of Art, San Juan Island's Sculpture Park is an extraordinary place, filled with a wide variety of sculptures that are placed along paths running through a gently sloping field. There is plenty of room for running and letting kids burn off excess energy while getting some fresh air while viewing these amazing pieces. The Park is open during daylight hours, and suggests a $5.00 donation per person for admittance. Definitely not to be missed -- beautiful sculptures in a natural outdoor setting -- breathtaking!

Spiral rock design at Westcott Bay Reserve, San Juan Island
Two Cranes sculpture at Westcott Bay Sculpture Park and Reserve, San Juan Island

In an always-rotating exhibit, you never know what you'll have the pleasure of seeing at the Sculpture Garden. Here are a couple of beautiful sculptures I saw during the spring of 2010, lovely examples of San Juan Islands artwork.

Frog and Otter sculpture by Georgia Gerber, at Westcott Bay Sculpture Park, San Juan Islands Washington.

Georgia Gerber's signature on her Frog and Otter sculpture at the San Juan Island Sculpture Park.

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