Sea Lion Facts

Sea Lions around the San Juan Islands Washington
Sea Lions
(Click the photo for a slightly larger view.)

Sea Lion facts: these animals are marine mammals, of the sub-order pinniped, which means basically, fin footed. Their only predators are sharks and Orcas, though humans have impacted them heavily, putting them on the endangered species list during the 1990s. As a result they have been closely studied in the hopes of finding out why their populations have dropped so significantly. One theory for the decline in their numbers is the overfishing of Alaskan Pollack and other fish that are among the Sea Lion's staple diet.

Sea Lions around the San Juan Islands Washington
Sea Lions, San Juan Islands Washington
(Click the photo for a larger view.)

These animals are quite intelligent. As a result, they have been trained both for entertainment, as in amusement park shows, and by the navy for various underwater tasks. Rather than viewing them in the artificial environment of a marine theme park, I much prefer to see them here at home, in the waters of the northwest.

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