Solo Build It (SBI) is a fantastic way to build a website. I built my web site with them and while it isn't the cheapest way to build a site I think it is a really smart way because you have lots of help doing it, people who will answer ALL your questions, and a forum where you can talk to other people who are also building websites. The training videos are really good, and are well worth your time to get your site built with a good foundation.

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This link goes to the Spanish language version describing what Solo Build It! (SBI) is and how it works.
Spanish language SBI description

Here you can see details about how SBI works and download some of the modules for a free trial.
Free SBI Trial downloads

Shows how SBI compares to other web building methods on the internet
Compare SBI to other site building options

To see how you would choose between buiding a website with SBI or building a blog with wordpress:
WordPress or SBI

Showing you how to make a business with your SBI website while you work from home.
Work from home

If you decide you want to purchase it, this is the place to make your order:
Order page