Summer Wedding Ideas

for the San Juan Islands Washington

Looking for summer wedding ideas? Consider some of the lovely places in the San Juan Islands for your once-in-a-lifetime ceremony. A wedding can take place almost anywhere, depending on your tastes and preferences -- on a beach, mountain top, or even underwater -- churches are optional.

The San Juan Islands Washington are places of great beauty, natural wedding locales that offer many sites that are not only favorable but convenient for a wedding. Browse these ideas to see if anything strikes your fancy or fits in with what you picture for your special day.

Wedding Locations

A beach wedding is a casual event. The bride and groom can dress casual or formal and either way fits in well with the environment.

A lovely garden wedding is a bit more formal than the beach, with a theme of roses or other summer flower.

A tent wedding or reception provides a fresh outside feel with the protection of a shelter. Wonderful light with the benefit of a breeze break, a definite plus when considering our changeable northwest weather.

Indoor weddings are marvelous, and can take place in almost any structure -- a church, restaurant, club, private residence, or hall. Think about whether you want both the wedding and the reception at the same location and consider factors like number of guests, ease of guest transportation to the wedding site, weather considerations, and photographs. Try to make it as easy and fluid as possible so you remember the love and good wishes instead of logistic failure. Good planning is everything.

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