Travel Literature

for the San Juan Islands and the Pacific Northwest

These are great travel literature titles, written about the entire region with a special focus on the San Juan Islands. Among this assortment I've chosen several books written by local authors and photographers that best display our spectacular countryside -- Mark Gardner and Art Wolfe are two extraordinary local photographers with a selection of beautiful books to see. Also check out pop culture, architecture, gardening, Native American history, legends, the weather, and even a postcard book, a Fandex, and a map. Learn about myths and legends of Pacific Northwest Indian Tribes, as well as the Indian Wars fought in the mid-1800's. Find out what is weird and curious about Washington state, and get pointers on taking your own photographs.

Every book is either written by local authors or takes place in a northwest setting, both of which infuse a distinctive local flavor into the written word.

For example, read about the experiences of a couple who purchased a gulf island in the 1940's, science fiction short stories from northwest area writers, or the woman who " ... became one of the pioneers of “family travel,” acting as both mother and captain of the twenty-five-foot boat that became her family’s home during the long Northwest summers." Fiction, literature, and poetry. Fun fun fun!

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