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How do you make a reservation?

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Unfortunately, the Washington State Ferry system does not provide reservations for sailings between San Juan Island and Anacortes. As they say, "No reservations are accepted at this time." All ferry travel between the San Juan Islands and Anacortes, Washington is provided by Washington State Ferries, and space on the ferries is filled as cars arrive. Reservations are accepted only for international sailings between Anacortes and Sidney B.C., and require a deposit to reserve the space.

During most of the summer months and many holidays, when ferry traffic is likely to be heavy, it is best to allow extra waiting time prior to boarding the boat, maybe an hour or two.

View of a ferry from the car deck.
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If you are in Anacortes waiting for the ferry to Friday Harbor, you can take a walk along the beach right next to the ferry. There is also a trail along the water from the other side of the ferry terminal. Getting in a short stroll might be better than waiting in the car. Just be sure to be back at your car in time to board the ferry.

If you are on your way to Anacortes you can get your car in line and then stroll through town until boarding time. Sometimes it's pleasant to just sit in the car reading. For me, though, nothing passes the time better than great coffee and little treat to go along with it!

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