Whale Coloring Pages

Enjoy these whale coloring pages and understand some common whale behavior at the same time. There is a lot to know about whale behavior and here are just some of the things they do:

- Whales swim constantly, never stopping, at a variety of speeds
- They communicate with each other in a variety of ways including clicks and songs
- they jump completely out of the water and plunge back down (known as breaching)
- they pop their heads above the surface of the water to get a better view of what is around them (called spyhopping) - they swim along on their sides at the surface and powerfully slap the water, making a very loud clapping sound
- a similar behavior is to slap the water's surface with their tail flukes, which also makes a forceful slapping sound, kind of like thunder.

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Whale coloring page.
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Whale coloring page
Orca Breaching
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Whale coloring page
Orca Splash
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