Facts about Flowers and Trees
of the San Juan Island Islands

There are countless trees and flowers thriving across the San Juan Islands, all of which are such a pleasure to see and enjoy. I love the delicate colors and petals, a gentle reminder of seasons past or those to come. Browse these facts about flowers and trees to learn more about the native flora of the Islands:

Calypso Orchid, Camas, Coralroot, Rhododendron, Shooting Star, Trillium.

Camas flower on San Juan Island.
Camas flower on San Juan Island.

Flowers, plants, and trees of the Islands are only part of the picture. There is huge diversity and variety of plantlife in the oceans, from the giant, bull kelp, to a wide array of red, brown, and green algae.

Pink rhododendron, San Juan Island.
Pink rhododendron, San juan Island.
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Shooting stars on Cady Mountain, San Juan Island.
Shooting Stars on Cady Mountain, San Juan Island.
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Trillium, San Juan Island.
Trillium, San Juan Island.
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If you plan to go exploring, hike a trail, sit at the beach, or check out the tide pools around the Island, you will likely need a tide guide.

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San Juan Island's Flowers, Plants, and Trees!
Photos and information about the flora of the San Juan Islands.

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