The Unusual Museums
on San Juan Island

There are 5 wonderfully unusual museums on San Juan Island, an eclectic assortment that will provide something to interest everyone. Visit them all and make a day of it!

The Whale Museum, Friday Harbor, San Juan Island Washington.

The Whale Museum in Friday Harbor

The Whale Museum
Still at the same location since they opened in 1978, The Whale Museum Friday Harbor continues to provide excellent education about the local resident orca pods to the general public about. Learn all about the whales you may see while you are here. You will see a whale skeleton, a life-size model of an orca, movies, and peruse the gift shop where your purchases support whale research. You can even adopt an Orca!

62 First Street North, Friday Harbor,
(360) 378-4710

Read about the southern resident pods and check your knowledge about whale history and whale facts killer whale facts! Here are some good places to go whale watching if you want to see orcas, and be sure to bring along a few of these orca books for background and fun while you wait.

The Whale Museum, Friday Harbor, San Juan Islands Washington.

San Juan Island Historical Museum, Friday Harbor, San Juan Island Washington.

San Juan Historical Museum

San Juan Historical Museum
Designed to "share and interpret the story of the peoples of San Juan Island," and housed in an 1894 farmhouse in Friday Harbor. You will find a "Carriage House," a "Stone Building," a "Milk House," and a barn. Includes Island artifacts for display and a gift shop with books, t-shirts, and a variety of gifts relating to the history and culture of San Juan Island.

405 Price Street,
Friday Harbor,
(360) 378-3949

Islands Museum of Art, Friday Harbor, San Juan Island Washington.

Islands Museum of Art

Islands Museum of Art
"Presents inspiring and engaging exhibitions and lectures reflecting the best in all of the visual arts and particularly those of the northwestern United States and southwestern Canada."

232 A St. #5
Friday Harbor

The Islands Museum of Art features a Sculpture Park, located just outside Roche Harbor Resort, and includes more than 100 wood, stone, glass, bronze, or ceramic sculptures along winding trails throughout the property. The Park is open year-round from dawn until dusk, regardless of the weather. Umbrellas at the entrance gate are available for use on rainy days.

The Sculpture Park is a serene and beautiful way to view the artwork -- very tranquil. Foxes are often seen running through the property so be on the lookout for them. Exhibits continually change, so every visit can provide the new and unique. A must see!

Go to the San Juan Islands Artwork page to get more information about Island artists and artisans.

Friday Harbor Veteran's Museum,
110 First Street North,
Friday Harbor
Call for Museum information:
(360) 378-5705

San Juan Aviation Museum
Open daily, 7am – 5:30pm
800 Franklin Drive,
Friday Harbor
Call for Museum information:
(360) 378-4724

Support our local unusual museums by visiting, and making purchases from their gift shops. Shopping directly from them is a benefit to the museum AND you! Fun and entertaining! Use these links to 2 unusual museum shops: Whale Museum Gift Shop, and the San Juan Historical Museum Gift Shop.

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