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There are plenty of fun outdoor games and sports to keep you busy, fit, and having fun while you are in the Islands. Fun activities for kids and adults are limited only by one's imagination. Wondering if there are any disk golf courses here? How about getting a hike in before breakfast? Try out the hiking trails and paths, play a game of golf, drop in at the skate park, play some tennis, drop in on a spinning class, swim some laps, go bowling, or just explore. Whatever you want, you can do it. Let me give you a headstart about how to find the fun outdoor games and activities you are looking for and where to find it.


Possibly the classic fun outdoor games, Fishing in the San Juan Islands and boating are very popular here in the Islands. Don't have your own boat? There are many fishing charter companies around the Islands who will take you out on the water for a day (or half-day) of fishing, or just for a cruise.


Crabbing in the San Juan Islands Washington.Great fun and delicious, too, Crabbing is an exciting and great way to enjoy life around the Islands. If you enjoy fresh seafood, this is the way to get the best and freshest seafood available. (Be sure to follow the WDFW rules and regulations!)
Visit How to Crab for the best tips from an expert crabber.


Geocaching in the San Juan Islands Washington.There are several dozen geocaching locations in the San Juan Islands, around the 98250 zip code. Don't know how to Geocache? Never heard of it? Click the photo on the left or any of the links here and you'll get a video explanation/demonstration about it. Really, all you need is transportation and a GPS device. Get your coordinates and hit the trail! Go geocaching!


San Juan Island Golf & Tennis Club. San Juan Golf & Tennis Club.

San Juan Island has a Golf & Tennis Club located about 5 miles outside Friday Harbor. It is a 9-hole, links-style course, with a Pro Shop, Bar & Grill, and tennis courts, all open to the public. They rent power carts, hand carts, and clubs.

Disc Golf Disk Golf Course on San Juan Island, Washington.

The photo on the right shows the entrance sign to San Juan Island's Disc Golf Course, near the Rouleau Road trailhead of Roche Harbor Trails. Come play a few holes!


San Juan Island Skate Park information, Washington.The San Juan Island Skate Park is at the fairgrounds on Argyle Street, right next to the Family Park. Skateboard, bicycles, and roller blades are welcome.

Hiking and Walking

Get all the info you need on the hiking and walking trails on San Juan Island!


You can play tennis or golf at the San Juan Golf & Tennis Club. Call them for reservations and specific information about the courts: (360) 378-2254
Plus, learn about the game at Everything Tennis, a "one-stop" tennis shop.


Take a swim in the pool at San Juan Island Fitness ! Take a dip and swim some laps or just splash around -- there is a Family Swim time every day, as well as lap swim, swimming lessons, and even kayak lessons.


Well, bowling is indoors, too, but there are times when one simply must bowl. Paradise Lanes are right in Friday Harbor, just next to Jimmy's Paradise Cafe, with great family dining. It's a fun evening for the entire family.

Fun Activities for Kids

Here are more fun outdoor games for kids. Sure, an Island visit is never boring, but just in case your kids are looking for something fun to do, try some of these suggestions.
  • Walk the trails at the Sculpture Park, at the entrance to Roche Harbor Resort.
  • Visit The Whale Museum.
  • Discover the pocket beaches near South Beach.
  • Check out the 400-gallon aquarium of local plants and animals at the Port of Friday Harbor passenger terminal.
  • Walk the docks in Friday Harbor and see what's growing on the pilings. Maybe you'll see Popeye, the seal!
  • Visit The Toy Box, a very fun toy store in Friday Harbor.
  • Climb on the play equipment at the Family Park.
  • Build a sand castle at Grandmother's Cove.
  • Fly a kite at Fourth of July Beach.
  • Listen to whale sounds on the hydrophones at Lime Kiln Point State Park.
  • Go to a movie at the Palace Theater in Friday Harbor!

Outdoor Summer Activities

You really aren't limited to the summer, though warm, dry weather can make your day more pleasant. Here is a list of ideas:

  • Go hiking.
  • Take a walk in the woods.
  • Play some Disc golf.
  • Go for a stroll along the marina in Roche Harbor or Friday Harbor.
  • Shoot some hoops in the Sunken Park.
  • Have a picnic on Mount Young.
  • Spend a day at the beach.
  • Play tennis on the town courts.
  • Stroll the grounds at American Camp.
  • Play volleyball at Jackson Beach.
  • Look for agates and shells at Fourth of July Beach.
  • Build a driftwood fort at South Beach.
  • Take a bike ride along False Bay Road.
  • Go to Lime Kiln Point State Park and watch for Orca whales.
  • Got an idea for more fun outdoor games? Send me your idea!

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Fun Outdoor Games and Sports for San Juan Island:
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