Washington Hiking Trails

Trails and Paths in the San Juan Islands

Washington hiking trails, including these San Juan Island trails and paths, are assorted networks of varied footpaths, free for anyone to investigate and explore. Depending on the type of hike you want to do, check out the map and see which place you prefer. You can choose almost any terrain -- from open, level fields to steep, rocky trails, head down through the trees or along elevated paths looking across the water. Site-specific trail information including maps and mileage found at each trail is at Trails.com
I have walked and hiked throughout Washington for more than 40 years, including the trails and paths all across San Juan Island. I explored every trail listed here (camera in hand)! Survey the following trails, and I hope you enjoy the photos!

American Camp Historical Park

American Camp Historical Park sign, San Juan Island.American Camp Historical Park entrance sign

American Camp Historical Park has paths throughout the property. If you head down the gravel trail from the parking area you will find paths that lead to the beach at Grandmother's Cove as well as a variety of trails snaking through the grassy hills. I find this area unique to most Washington hiking trails areas, with forested areas in such close proximity to the hilly grassland. It's incredible on a sunny, windy day!

Cairn at American Camp Historical Park, San Juan Island.
Cairn along Park trail, Washington hiking trails

Animal trail, San Juan Island.
Animal trail along the path

"In every walk with nature
one receives far more
than he seeks.
John Muir

American Camp Historical Park, San Juan Island.
American Camp as seen from the trail to the beach

Jackson Beach Primitive Area

San Juan Island Primitive Area. Rugged, "Primitive" area for hiking and biking at the gravel pit above Jackson's Beach.

Bell Point

English Camp Historical Park entrance sign, San Juan Island.
English Camp Historical Park

The Bell Point Trail leaves from English Camp Historical Park. The Trail begins in the corner of the grassy field and continues along the water to Bell Point, which is a 2-mile round-trip.

Trail signpost at Bell Point, San Juan Island.
Trail signpost

Signpost along Trail

The Bell Point trail is a gentle, easy walk. For a more strenuous hike try the hiking trail leading up Mount Young, which leaves from the upper parking lot. See below for details on the Mount Young trail.

View from the Bell Point Trail, San Juan Island.
English Camp blockhouse from the Bell Point trail.

Mount Young

Mount Young, San Juan Island.
View of Mount Young from the northwest.

The trailhead departs from the parking area at English Camp and climbs to the summit of Mount Young -- an elevation of 700 feet. Fantastic views on a clear day! This is an exceptional example of Washington hiking trails, with that most amazing view as your reward.

"After dinner sit awhile, after supper walk a mile."
English Proverb

Jakle's Lagoon

Jakle's Lagoon trail entrance sign, San Juan Island.
Jakle's Lagoon entrance sign

Jakle's Lagoon is one of the most spectacular Washington hiking trails places anywhere. The trailhead is directly across the road from South Beach. There are two trails you can take from the parking lot, one heading down into the trees past Fourth of July Beach, and the other going up the hill along the road with fantastic views across the water. The photo below shows the trail crossing a hill where the water view is spectacular.

Jakle's Lagoon trailhead, San Juan Island.
Jakle's Lagoon trail

Land Bank Limekiln Preserve

Limekiln Preserve trail entrance.

Very cool cedar tree on the Limekiln Preserve

Closeup of cedar tree

This trail crosses Westside Road at one point -- a warning sign is posted to watch for traffic.

Trail sign

Bridge over a seasonal creek

Pond along the trail

The Land Bank has several properties on the Island, shown on this Land Bank Property map.

"Now shall I walk or shall I ride?

"Ride," Pleasure said. 
 "Walk," Joy replied.

W.H. Davies

Lime Kiln Point State Park

Path to Deadman's Bay

Sign to Deadman Bay

Roche Harbor Trails

These are a full network of hiking trails meandering around the Roche Harbor Trails network. Here is the entrance sign to one of the trailheads.

Roche Harbor Trails entrance sign, San Juan Island.
Entrance to one of the hiking trails at Roche Harbor

Entrance to one of the area trails.

For a change of scenery, try a pleasant walk through one of the parks on San Juan Island.

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