Farmer News for
the San Juan Islands

Here is farmer news and information for the San Juan Islands.

Fir Oak Farm
Fir Oak Farm sheep, San Juan Island, Washington.
USDA processed lamb and beef, wool comforters and sheepskins sold year-round. This is THE greatest pumpkin farm in the world, the quintessential pumpkin farm, the must-see pumpkin farm that Linus van Pelt would envy. This IS the pumpkin farm! More information.

Lazy G Ranch
Lazy G Ranch, San Juan Island, Washington. UDSA processed lamb, pork and Beef. Grass Hay. Call ahead for availability, hours, and farmer news. More information.

Little Road Honey Bee Farm
Little Road Honey Bee Farm, San Juan Island, Washington. Raw and comb honey. Raspberries,gooseberries, apples, pears, vegetables, eggs, and bonsai tress also available. Please DO NOT visit farm if you are allergic to bee stings. Call ahead for availability and hours. More information.

Mitchell Bay Farm & Nursery
Mitchell Bay Farm & Nursery, San Juan Island, Washington. Certified-organic kiwifruit, Asian pears, and grass-fed lamb. Open April - October
Thursday - Saturday, 10am - 3 pm
More information.

Mossy Knoll Garden
Mossy Knoll Garden, San Juan Island, Washington.We offer fresh picked seasonal produce, culinary herbs, vegetables, flowers, fruits, nuts, berries, and gardening advice, encouragement, and inspiration to all who may come by. Open by appointment, or when the road sign indicates we are open. More information.

Quail Croft

Quail Croft Farm, San Juan Island Washington.
Layne Sundberg, Quail Croft
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USDA processed grass-fed goat and lamb meat. Wool comforters, and eggs from organically fed and pastured hens.
Call for appointment.
More information.

Redwing Farm
Redwing Farm, San Juan Island, Washington. Custom lamb, fleeces and sheepskins, and blueberries. Call for availability and farmer news. More information.

Saddleback Ranch
Saddleback Ranch,<br>P.O. Box 825, Lopez Island, 98261. Grass-fed custom pork and lamb. Wool products. Pastured chickens and turkeys, eggs, dairy sheep, dairy cows. Call for availability. More information.

States Inn Ranch & Store
States Inn Ranch Store, San Juan Island, Washington. Fresh eggs, baked breads, and other treats and refreshments, including Lopez Island Creamery ice cream. More information.

Susan Besel's Farm
Susan Besel's Farm, San Juan Island, Washington. Suffolk sheep breeding stock, sheep skins. Naturally raised grass-finished custom lamb and beef. Call ahead for availability and hours.
More information.

Sweet Earth Farm
Sweet Earth Farm, San Juan Island, Washington. Organic fruits, vegetables, and herbs, eggs from pasture-raised chickens and ducks, herbal products, and ceramics, sculpture, and pottery. More information.

Synergy Farm
Synergy Farm, San Juan Island, Washington. Currently open only for CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) subscribers, Synergy Farm on Beaverton Valley Road was founded in 2004 with the conviction that there is a bright future for small organic farms that grow healthy food for their local communities. The farm is distinctive in using the bio-intensive method, which is very economical in the use of land, capital, water and energy.

Using mobile greenhouses to provide vegetables year-round, Synergy Farm produces berries, fruits, eggs and pastured broiler poultry as well. Tours are available on Saturday afternoons by appointment.
3501 Beaverton Valley Road
(360) 378-5993

Thirsty Goose Farm
Thirsty Goose Farm, San Juan Island, Washington. Custom lamb. Call ahead for availability. More information.

Thornbush Farm
Thornbush Farm, San Juan Island, Washington. An integrated small farm and landscape service specializing in orchards, woodlands and edible landscapes. Make your property a "beautiful and productive domestic ecosystem." Call Roger Ellison at 370-5795 or 622-6122. More information.

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