Used Bookstores

in the San Juan Islands Washington

(and a couple new bookstores, too!)

Books, books, books! Both new and used bookstores make some of our hearts beat a little faster -- in such a good way! If you are a book lover, you know just what I mean. Books bring vitality and excitement to life. Or knowledge. Or facts. Or a laugh. Whatever you want, books have it.

Here are the places you can find books on San Juan Island, the new and used bookstores where you'll find that new title you've read about, as well as a classic, a rarity, and most things in between.

The smallest bookstore still contains more
ideas of worth than have been presented in
the entire history of television.

~ Andrew Ross

Serendipity, The Used Book Place
Of all the San Juan Island book shops, new and used bookstores, Serendipity is an absolute treasure. It's a small, well-organized shop where the entire inventory is on computer. This means that you can either ask for specific titles if you are goal-oriented or pressed for time. Otherwise, browse for hours to your heart's content at the stacks and shelves of available titles. Fiction, non-fiction, mysteries, travel, cookbooks, humor, political, health, classics, books on tape, and way more, including rentals for local residents. The knowledgeable staff can help you find anything you are looking for if you can't find it on your own. Plus, there is a toasty wood heater to keep browsers warm and comfortable. The store is conveniently located at the top of the ferry lanes, so you can spend quality time while you wait for the ferry.

Serendipity Books, 223 A Street, Friday Harbor,
(360) 378-2665

A book is to me like a hat or coat -
a very uncomfortable thing until
the newness has been worn off.
~ Charles B. Fairbanks

San Juan Island supports 2 thrift stores, both with a good selection of used books.

The Thrift House, just outside downtown Friday Harbor, has a small book room where donations are divided into category by subject -- Hardback Fiction, Paperback Fiction, Pets, Cooking, Inspirational, Humor, and many more. The store also has a fantastic selection of clothing for men, women, and children, as well as household items, tools, games, and toys. Profits from Thrift House sales support the local Fire Department, so you know you're supporting a good cause.

Thrift House, 667 Mullis Avenue, Friday Harbor,
(360) 378-8483

Consignment Treasures is a large thrift store selling a huge selection of books on every topic, as well as clothes, antiques, appliances, and lots of other stuff. They're located in the middle of the Island, between Egg Lake Road and Roche Harbor Resort.

Consignment Treasures, 6739 Roche Harbor Road, Friday Harbor,
(360) 370-5562

If you are looking for new books there are two bookstores on San Juan Island.

Griffin Bay Books started business in 1979, and has built up a loyal group of patrons over the years. The store has a wide selection of books, a coffee shop, and an assortment of magazines, note cards, and gifts. They are located on Spring Street across from King's Market.
Griffin Bay Books, 155 Spring Street, Friday Harbor,
(360) 378-5511

There's nothing to match curling up with
a good book when there's a repair job to
be done around the house.

~ Joe Ryan

Harbor Bookstore is located at Cannery Landing, the little shopping area next to the ferry dock in Friday Harbor. It's a smaller sized bookstore with a unique section of maps and various gift items. The owner/staff is friendly and conversational, ready to help you find a book or anything you need.

Harbor Bookstore, 22 Cannery Landing Friday Harbor,
(360) 378-7222

There are more new and used bookstores on Orcas and Lopez Islands. Info coming soon!

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