The Organic Vegetable Garden

Gardens in the San Juan Islands

The San Juan Islands Washington are a perfect spot for an organic vegetable garden. Local gardeners benefit from the mild climate with a huge abundance and variety of fruits, vegetables, and flowers. Given a good sunny spot, the excellent soil, and a bit of pest prevention, it's possible to have an outstanding array of colors and produce for many months out of the year.

Good planning is a must, as there are many environmental conditions to consider -- slugs, snails, and deer, for example. Tall secure fences are clearly necessary to keep out the deer, crucial if you intend to make any type of harvest. Methods for avoiding slugs and snails are more unique, specific to the personal gardener (though a deep bowl of beer is a common remedy, as the slugs want in but they can't get out!).

Just get out there, turn over a little plot of dirt, throw some seeds in there, and let things grow. Satisfaction guaranteed.

If you're interested in growing vegetables, visit Avant-Gardening: Creative Organic Gardening, a site that tells all about Organic Gardening: What you need to know to grow a pest-resistant organic garden and how to make it sustainable over time.

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