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San Juan Islands Washington

Here are some really cool facts about the Islands. Did you know that....

Orca whale from above, San Juan Island Washington.... you can "adopt" an Orca? Find out how at The Whale Museum. Learn some killer whale facts about the killer whale facts about the southern resident orca pods and browse our Orca books section.

... the tallest mountain peak on San Juan Island is Mount Dallas? It is about 1080 feet above sea level. Find it on the map of San Juan Island.

Madrona trees in the evening, San Juan Island Washington. ... the ochre-colored trees that are so plentiful along the northwest coastline are called Madrona ('muh-DROH-nuh'), from the Genus, Arbutus? According to Sunset Western Garden Book, we northwesterners know them as Madrona, although people from California and Southern Oregon call them Madrone ('muh-DRONE'). In Canada, it's Arubutus (r-BYOO-tus)! Now you know!

Orca whale from above, San Juan Island Washington.... there are several hundred islands known as the San Juans Islands, most of which are quite small and uninhabited. Only 15 islands in the archipelago receive public ferry service, some of which are passenger-only ferries. The Washington State Ferries, which serve areas all along Puget Sound, including the Seattle area, provide service to Lopez, Orcas, Shaw, and San Juan Island. More ferry information.

... there are a few dozen geocaching locations around the San Juan Islands? Fantastically fun and a great reason to get outside for a "new" kind of adventure.

Trumpeter swan, San Juan Island Washington. ... Trumpeter swans make a 2000-mile migration every year beginning in Northern Alaska and ending in the San Juans? They begin arriving here toward the end of October and begin the migration back to Alaska in March. Find out more about San Juan Island birds and the San Juan Islands Audubon Society.

... a tree in English Camp Historical Park was featured in a movie about Washington state at the 1974 World's Fair Expo in Spokane, Washington? Cool!

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Sunset, San Juan Island Washington.

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