This is the San Juan Islands, Washington!

Hello, and welcome to the San Juan Islands Washington, and my website about this beautiful place, the place I call home. I created this site as an online Island tour guide to accompany you through the Islands, show you how to get here, where to stay or camp, and where to eat. Once you're here, what's there to see? Explore the parks and beaches, visit some unusual museums and bookstores, and go boating or kayaking, hike the trails and paths all over the Islands, and, of course, see some Orca whales! You can visit Roche Harbor, a destination all its own, and learn about the gulf islands, and get a 'virtual' understanding of the beauty of our Northwest setting. Check them all out: San Juan Island, Orcas Island, Lopez Island, Shaw Island, as well as a few of the lesser-known islands in the archipelago.

Boarding the ferry at Friday Harbor Washington
Arriving by ferry into Friday Harbor.

But, wait a second... why does my opinion matter? This area is already well known, written about in all sorts of books and websites. What makes my advice and tips worth reading? It's simple: I live here. I am not a hotel, a company, or a corporation. I live, work, shop, and take walks here. What's more, I pay attention. With more than 40 years of Island experience and perspective, I have learned the ins and outs -- Washington state tourism, San Juan hotels, San Juan restaurants, some great Island shops and products, plus what to see and how to see it. All that, and many many details -- and, as they say, life is in the details.

What I like most is the solitude, something that's not always easy to find in this very busy world. The forests and beach scenery is pretty great, too, along with so many other things, as you will soon discover.

American Bald Eagle, San Juan Islands Washington
American bald eagle,
San Juan Islands Washington.

Here is the nutshell version: explore hundreds of miles of beaches and forests, home to the Red Tailed hawk and three Orca whale pods. The town of Friday Harbor has awesome gift shops, a movie theatre, three museums, three book stores, a bowling alley, and neither "Fast Food" nor traffic lights. We do have stunning picnic spots, walking and hiking trails, breathtaking view points, a few dozen geocaching locations, and a variety of scenic drives for sightseers. And Oh! you have got to see the night sky for yourself. The stars are brighter than belief!

So, have a look around, see what sparks your interest. I'll guide you through the beach scenery of the Islands, the local many Washington State Parks, hiking trails, and introduce you to the San Juan restaurants, with first-hand advice and practical ideas that will help you create your perfect Island visit! Click for ways to make your time here the ultimate romantic get away. Come to the Islands, where you'll find a slower pace amidst the sometimes craziness of mainland life. If you need a break, this is one place to look.

Westside Road, San Juan Islands Washington
Westside Road,
San Juan Islands Washington.

How to get here? Click the following relevant links to all information you will need about the Washington State Ferry, Kenmore Air, or Amtrak train travel.

Where to stay when you arrive? All options can be found at San Juan Hotels and Lodging.

Browse the buttons along the left side of the page to find what you need. I've given lots of traveling tips and hints throughout the pages, along with tons of my own photos. I hope you'll enjoy your time at this site as well as being on the Island!

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