San Juan Islands Artwork

I am pleased to feature this page of San Juan Islands Artwork, which reflects the variety, diversity, and beauty of the Islands themselves. (Skip directly to the glimpses of Island artist's work.) Perhaps the Islands are a natural place to create because the tranquil setting and relaxed island lifestyle allow the creative juices to flow? Quite possibly, as is evidenced by the amazing art pieces inspired and produced here. This artwork can be found in all mediums, from watercolor, oils, and pastels; to clay, glass, metal, wood, and textiles. If you don't find what you are looking for, or there's something you'd like included here, let me know!

While you're here, consider browsing the art books, kits, and supplies in Simply San Juan's bookstore to get tips and suggestions for your own creations, as well as a selection of beautiful coloring books for kids of all ages. Plus, print out some really fun art coloring pages of well-known paintings, and make your own version of a masterpiece. (Read more amusing artist quotes like the Thoreau quote below, and see how some artists, authors, and scientists view art, creativity, and life!)

"The world is but a canvas to the imagination."
Henry David Thoreau

Among all the wonderful artwork below, I've highlighted small glimpses of a few of my favorite artists with examples of their work. This short list is only a sampling of what you will discover when you explore the world of San Juan Islands Artwork. If there's an artist whose work you love, or if you want to add your own name to this section, please contact me. Be sure to read the artist interviews in our Artist Spotlights Series.

San Juan Islands Artwork

Virginia Van Camp, artist, San Juan Island, Washington
Virginia Van Camp

Oils, pastels, mixed media.

Artist Spotlights: Virginia Van Camp -- an interview with the artist.

Beth Hetrick
Painter in Pastels, Watercolor, Acrylics.

Artist Spotlights: Beth Hetrick -- an interview with the artist.

San Juan Islands Bench by sculptor Tom Small, San Juan Island, Washington
Tom Small, Sculptor

Beautiful and unique pieces made from stone and metal -- lovely.

Artist Spotlights: Tom Small -- an interview with the sculptor.

Click below to see a fascinating video of the artist at work:

When you're on San Juan Island, visit both the Islands Museum of Art, showing work from regional artists, and the Sculpture Park, an outdoor gallery of amazing sculptures.

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